We firmly believe that first-class talents is the base of building up first-class corporation.
  we always believe that technology is the root, innovation is soul and talents is the base. We take talents as the base of corporate development and competitiveness.
  For many years, our company has formed a fine ethos of people and career respecting, fair competition, knowledge stressing. Lasting talents development strategy, vast career development space, fine talents grow environment and effective inspiring mechanism of rewards and penalties, provide fine platform and development room for talents, create fine cultural atmosphere, continually strengthen appetency and cohesive force within corporation. Insist on fairness, justice and open, building up scientific human resource management system. So every person with talents and enterprise can show their abilities and realize their ambitions.
  Talents idea: a person who can be competent for his/her work is a talent and who can innovate and exploit is an excellent talent. Create platform for talent and achievement proves ability.
  According to our company's 2000—2010 development plan and human resource need, our company is employing secondary and senior technical and management talents who have practical experience in mechical and electric integration, non-ferrous smelting, injection molding designing, market planning and quality management.
  We hope more people can join us and more persons pay attention to Beilian industry's development!

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